Plasmafabriek Sanquin

Processing of your personal data

Personal data are necessary to be able to guarantee safety and traceability when manufacturing medicines from plasma components. The data relates to processes before, during and after the manufacture, reports relating to side effects and also to clinical scientific research.
At Prothya, a valid reason is required in order to be allowed to process personal data. This reason is called a legal basis. The valid reasons/ legal bases which Prothya has for processing data are:

  • Consent;
  • Performance of a contract;
  • A legal obligation;
  • Legitimate interest of Prothya or a third party.

The valid reasons, or legal bases, which Prothya uses for special categories of personal data (such as data concerning health and genetic data) are:

  • Explicit consent;
  • Ensuring high standards of quality and safety of medical products;
  • The necessity with regard to clinical research.

If Prothya processes your personal data for the purpose of the legitimate interests of Prothya or those of third parties, the processing will be preceded by carefully weighing up these interests against your right to privacy. Prothya takes all precautionary measures to protect your privacy and, where necessary, to prevent your interests from being conflicted. Prothya can supply more information on request about how the interests are weighed up.

Managing donations from which medicines can be manufactured

Prothya manages all donations that are received, in the various processes before, during and after the manufacture. This is in order to be able to guarantee the traceability and safety of the medicines to be manufactured. This is a legal obligation.

Managing the safety of produced and to be produced medicines

Prothya performs pharmacovigilance activities in order to track, assess, understand and - as much as possible - prevent side effects of medicines and problems relating to medicines. This involves processing personal data which Prothya obtains from patients and healthcare providers. Prothya provides only the legally required data to the authorities.

  • Legal obligation;
  • Consent;
  • Performance of a contract.

Handling and dealing with complaints

Things do not always turn out as expected. Prothya registers complaints about products and services so that they can be dealt with as effectively as possible.
Although Prothya is not legally required to deal with certain complaints, it is in Prothya's legitimate interest to do so anyway. Prothya's interests are weighed up against those of the party or parties concerned.

Conducting, registering and reporting clinical research

Prothya conducts clinical research to investigate and ensure safety and efficacy of the medicinal products that Prothya manufactures. This is a legal obligation.

Maintaining a register of associates

Prothya maintains a register of associates with whom Prothya has an ongoing relationship or plan to start such relationship. In a central register, Prothya administers these contacts. Prothya processes the personal data on the basis of:

  • A legal obligation;
  • Legitimate interest of Prothya or a third party.

Maintaining a register of staff

Prothya maintains a register of current and former staff, including registration of duty-related activities and permissions. Prothya processes the personal data on the basis of:

  • A legal obligation.