Plasmafabriek Sanquin


Prothya Biosolutions produces and exports a broad range of pharmaceuticals for patients throughout the world. At our production sites in Amsterdam and Brussels, we prepare a broad range of medicines derived from blood plasma.

Our pharmaceuticals are used for a large number of disorders, many of which life-threatening. In addition, we are happy to make our knowledge and infrastructure available to our partners. For example, for the contract manufacturing of medicines under their own labels.

Until 2019, SPP was part of the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation and we are still closely associated with this Foundation. On behalf of Sanquin, Prothya Biosolutions provides the Dutch health service with medicines derived from blood and prepared from plasma collected in o.a. the Netherlands. 

Like in the Netherlands, Prothya Biosolutions has its own sales organization in Finland,  Sanquin Oy

Outside the Netherlands we furthermore cooperate with:

  • CAF-DCF, Belgium (export)
  • LFB, France (CMO)
  • Kedrion, Germany (export)
  • Biotest, Germany (export/CDMO)
  • Kamada, Israël (CDMO)
  • Centurion, Turkey (export)
  • Takeda, Japan (CMO)
  • Pharmastandard, Rusland (CDMO)
  • National Bioproducts Institue, Zuid-Afrika (CDMO)
  • Blau, Brazil (export)
  • Medcomtech, Vietnam (export)
  • Human Life Sciences, Nepal (export)
  • PTC, Cyprus (export)
  • Biogenesis, Greece (export)
  • Redoni, Kosovo (export)